Exhibitor Registration

Fair Entry for 2017 is Closed!!
On Line Entering is for any Winnebago County Resident interested in exhibiting their projects at the Winnebago County Fair.
If  you were not enrolled in 4-H by January 31, 2017, you are not eligible to exhibit at this year's fair. (2017)
The deadline for entering projects for the 2017 fair will be on June 22, 2017.   No Late Entries will be Accepted!!
If you are late with your entries, you will need to go before the Fair Board on July 20, 2017, 7:00 p.m. to plead your case to see if you will be allowed to show at the 2017 Fair.

  1. Create a list of projects that you wish to take from the 2017 Premium Book.  On the Fair's main page, hover over Fair Book, and click on the Premium Book that you need to look in.
  2. Copy the premium book pages and highlight what you would like to bring to the fair. 
  3. You will only be able to sign up for exhibits that are under the Projects that you signed up for in 4-H Online if you are a 4-H member.  (i.e. - If you only signed up for Swine, you will only be able to enter projects under the Swine Department.)
  4. Only one class, per division, per department may be entered.  For example:  Department 14, Division A, Class 131 - Pumpkin; you can only bring one pumpkin. 
  5. A "Secret Code" to remember:  14A131 stands for Department 14 - Plant and Soil Science, Division A - Vegetables, Class 131 - Pumpkin, any size.
  6. Class descriptions in Fair Entry have been abbreviated, so it is important to read the Premium Book for all rules and requirements for all projects.
  7. If you are in 4-H, FFA or another recognized youth organization, click on "Register on-line (Junior Class) and follow the directions.
  8. If you are 18 years or older and not in 4-H or FFA, click on "Register on-line (Open Class) and follow the directions.  One note:  you do not have to enter your birthdate, you can enter any date that you wish as long as there is something in those fields. (i.e. 08/02/2017)
  9. 4-H members can use the 4-H Online login option and use their same e-mail and password from 4-H online.  FFA and others will need to create a new Fair Entry Account.  
  10. Follow the screens as they appear.
  11. For anyone entering an animal at this year's fair, you will be prompted to enter your animal's information.  A separate screen will pop up for you to enter this information.  Premise ID is required for all animals except Dogs, Cats and Small Animals.  There are different requirements for each Department.  Many require a tag or tattoo number, name of animal, birthdate, breed, registration number, etc.  Know as much as you can about your animal before starting to enter your information.
  12. If you are entering more than one exhibitor, you have the choice to "Register Another Exhibitor" in this Family.  You will want to do this before Continuing to Payment for the first exhibitor.
  13. Review you entries for completeness and accuracy.  There are Summary and Detail buttons at the top of the list on the right.  If there are errors, click on the green "Entries" section at the top of the page.  Click "Continue" when all information is correct.  
  14. When all entries for all exhibitors in the family have been completed, "Continue to Payment" to finalize and submit your entries.
  15. Read the payment instructions and select method of payment.  Credit card payments will not be accepted.  Payment should be made to your 4-H leader or FFA Advisor for Junior Class.                          For Open Class, checks can be mailed to: Winnebago County Fair, 1294 Old Knapp Road, Oshkosh, WI  54902.  The cost per entry is the same as last year, .25 per entry.  An invoice will be generated after your entries have been approved by your leaders/advisors or by the Fair Entry Administrator.
  16. Follow the instructions to the end.  Click "Submit" to finalize all entries.  After you click Submit, you can not longer change your entries.  You will need to contact Julie at 4grandmajulie@gmail.com.
  17. If your 4-H leader or FFA Advisor feels that your entries are not in the right division or class, they can/will return them to you to be corrected.  They will be returned by e-mail, so it is very important to enter your correct e-mail address in the beginning.
  18. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie Barthels at 920-426-5811, leave a message; or at 4grandmajulie@gmail.com.


Register on-line (Junior Class)  Deadline for Entries - June 22, 2017!!  No Late Entries will be Accepted!!  Closed for 2017.

Register on-line (Open Class)   Deadline for Entries - June 22, 2017!!  No Late Entries will be Accepted!!  Closed for 2017.